American costume jewelry Trifari for collectors and fashionists

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The Trifari costume jewelry is well made, beautiful, original and it is available thanks to the great quantity produced during their long history. Almost always the pieces from that famous brand are in perfect condition so they are valuable for vintage jewelry collection and also to add a special touch of the past to any retro outfits

The Trifari Jewelry Company (USA) was founded in 1910 by an Italian immigrant Gustavo Trifari. 

In 1930 Trifari hired Alfred Philippe as head designer, which brought the company to real success. Philippe was a designer of very high end fine jewelry in the firms like Cartier and Van Cleef and he brought a sense of luxury from real jewels.

Alfred Phillippe was the top designer from 1930 to 1968. There are a lot of very beautiful well crafted pieces made in that time. Many of the were patented.

In the 1940s, Trifari patented a plating process called Trifanium, which give to costume jewelry gold or silver look and helps to maintain the beauty of the pieces over the years.

In the 80s and 90s the Trifari company was solved to different entities. Since that moment the company no longer produces high end quality jewelry.



"Botanic Collection"
Due to the success of jewelry with pearls, the company has changed their design. The jewelery was made Trifanium gold or silver and decorated with pearls and very often with rhinestones.

  trifari pin

"Simple Chic"
The company produced many simple pieces in abstract shape, also as flowers, leaves at affordable price. These ornaments have no rhinestones or other decoration - just pure combination of smooth and brushed metal. Bijoux in this style is almost always in perfect condition.

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Advertisment 1960-1969

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Trifari with a crown and with the copyright C

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Examples of Trifari jewelry on the site

Vintage brooch CIRCLE TRIFARI

Vintage pin BAR TRIFARI

Vintage earrings with pearls TRIFARI


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