Gerry's costume jewelry: fun that costs little

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Gerry's (USA) - company founded in the early 1950s in the United States. Note for the production of sympathetic costume jewelry in the shape of characters. In his creations Gerry's used enamelled and painted metal. Gerry's jewelry is sought after by collectors of animal-themed costume jewelry

Gerry's, an American costume jewelery company, was founded in the early 1950s.

The company is named "Gerry" by the founder Geraldine Giles.

From the beginning the founder decided to produce funny and inexpensive costume jewelry.

The first brooches, created in enamel and painted metal, were made in the shape of animals with personality.

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Buyers spent less than $ 10 to buy their favorite animal. A little later, Gerry's added Christmas motif brooches to his assortment, one of the most sought after collectors' themes. Christmas pins can be found in many vintage costume jewelery catalogs.

vintage spilla gerry'svintage spilla gerry'svintage spilla gerry's

Gerry's was also famous for theme pins, such as sports series - tennis rackets, bowling, etc., but they are particularly rare. In 1970 J. Isakajan Narzikul, a talented immigrant from Uzbekistan in the USA, bought the company "Gerry's". The cute animals of Gerry's had now made him a successful businessman. The son of Isakajan J. Narzikul, Giuseppe followed in the footsteps of his father and became the president.
In 1996 the company was closed.

1950 - 1996: GERRY'S in capital letters with the copyright
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Gerry's has produced pins with amusing animils, with Christmas and floral motifs. Some of the materials typically used for the production of Gerry's are metals, painted metals, enamel, and crystals

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