How to take care of ties?

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If you are fortunate to have in your wardrobe a lot of beautiful ties, we invite you to treat them with care.
Here are some simple tips to keep the ties always perfect

7 tips on how to treat neckties

1. Try not to wear the same tie more then one day in a row

2. Avoid get wet silk, woolen and cashmere ties. It is highly recommended to clean ties in a laundry where they will generally dry clean

3. Do not remove the tie by pulling it out from the head with yet done node

4. While tying a tie, always remember to check that your hands are clean, dry and that your nails are well groomed. Otherwise you may damage your tie

5. Avoid to iron the tie. If it is really necessary, do it very gently protecting the tie with a white cotton cloth from direct contact with the hot base

6. After use, the tie should be hung or placed on a flat surface (a shelf, for example) or gently twisted on itself. The knitted ties should be is always kept on a flat surface in a closet or drawer so not to damage for an excessive stretching of the fabric

7. It is also very important to protect the ties against dust and moisture

Laundry symbols on ties

Luxury ties, made from silk, wool, cashmere usually have the same care instructions:

laundry symbols on tie taglaundry symbols on ties

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