Ties, bow ties and ascot: introduction

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In spite of existing many variations, the most common and appreciated types of ties nowadays are ties, ascots, and bow ties

A bit of history

The origin of the tie is quite recent if to compare with other men's accessories.
The first time the ties were worn in 1650 during the celebration of the triumph of the French regiment against the Ottoman Empire.
On that occasion the victorious French army marched before King Louis XIV, very well-known monarch for his passion for art, style and beauty.
All the soldiers wore stylish colored silk handkerchiefs around their necks.
This new accessory captured the attention of King Louis XIV, who called this army as "the Regiment of Royal Ties."
With the time ties have been transformed: nowadays it is an important and prestigious men accessory.
Although there are many variants, the most common and appreciated types of ties are classic neckties, ascots, and bow ties.


According to the modern conception, the tie is identified as a long cloth worn knotted around the neck typically partially covered by a shirt collar.
The necktie is considered an essential element in the business dress code (especially in those companies or situations where formal attire is required).
The ties are available in many colors and styles. This makes them suitable for different occasions.
Another element that helps to express the personality of the tie possessor is the way in which the tie is knotted.
There are around 85 types of ties' node. Among the best-known ones are  "Windsor", "four Target", "Pratt" and "Half Windsor".

necktie in printed silk Ginafranco Ferré  Neck tie in knietted silk Bikkembergs Neck tie in jacquard silk Moschino


Papillon (also called the Bow Tie, "butterfly") is a ribbon in fine fabric knotted around the neck in a symmetrical manner, so the two opposite ends form two rings.
Bow ties are quite widespread especially in events where it is necessary to be elegant such as business dinners, cocktail parties and business evenings.
In addition, more and more men choose to wear bow ties during  the day, especially in contexts where it is not compulsory to wear formal suits. The most popular brands offer special collections of bowties for such opportunities.
Usually they are made from silk, but it is possible to find them made from alternative materials such as linen, wool, cotton, leather, wood, etc.
Papillon in high quality silk are required especially in formal events after 18.00.
In fact, the dress code "Black tie" and "White tie" respectively imply wear black and white bow tie that add a smart touch to an evening outfit.

Astrid Sarkissyan bow tiw


The ascot (also called "plastron") is a ribbon in fabric with large and pointed ends. With some time it has evolved to become a high-class accessory. Although less formal than a classic tie, in traditional dress code it is still considered as a "formal" accessory.
The ascot is typically worn on the neck under the shirt with two upper buttons open. According to modern fashion this tie is worn mostly during the day (especially morning). It is quite common to wear it during special events such as weddings and ceremonies.

Louis Vuitton SS 2012


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