Trifari costume jewelry: 1950-1959

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In the period 1950-1959, the company has such a lot of success that it is necessary to propose diversified styles. Alfred Philippe, ex-designer of Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels, succeeded in applying to the common costume jewelery the most renowned high jewelery techniques to create fascinating high-end fashion jewelery.


"Faux" high jewelery
The company created costume jewelry which looked like like fine jewelry. Necklaces, earrings, brooches made with high quality transparent and colored rhinestones, with very similar look to the expensive gems. They used a lot of rectangular rhinestones with "bagette" cut, which can be hardly found on later pieces.
Until 1955 the jewels were accompanied with written paper patents. At the beginning of 1955 Trifari chose to print the "copyright" (©) sign on the back of jewelry that has replaced patents on paper for most of the jewelry designs

trfari pin 1950  necklace trifari

  trifari patent  triafri patent

"Precious pearls"
The company began to produce jewelry decorated with pearls. In 1953, Ms. Eisenhower (the wife of the US president) wore a set with pearls by Trifari during the inaguration ceremony of her husband. From that time, Trifari jewelery with white pearls has been very popular and the company has increased its production.

trifari earrings      trifari earrings

Advertisment 1950-1959

trifari ad  trifari ad


"Trifari" in printed letters without the copyright C. Often pat.pend or dis.pat.pend
   trifari mark 50     trifari mark 50  trifari mark 50

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Vintage necklace TRIFARI

Vintage necklace TRIFARI

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