This “Sales Condition” agreement is regulated by the Italian laws and particularly by “decreto legislativo 6 settembre 2005 n. 206”, with specific reference to the laws on online sales regulated by “decreto legislativo 9 aprile 2003 n. 70”.


1.A: Fashion Details (hereinafter referred to as the “Seller”) is the company in Cinisello Balsamo VAT: 01216830776, Fiscal Code: BRSKRN77L55Z154P (recorded in the Milan companies register as No REA 1949774) which sells to the customer (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”) the products available exclusively on the website


1.B: The sales is limited to the products available on online catalogue.

It is not for sales thus not included all what is not mentioned in the product description. The Customer can purchase only the products indicated in the electronic catalogue available, in the quantities held in stock as shown in real time stock counter.

1.C: The Seller reserves the right to confirm the order received by the Customer within 48 hours.

1.D: The Seller reserves the right not to accept offers/orders with mistakes and/or with missing information.

1.E: The Seller has the right not to accept orders if one or more product(s) is/are not in stock. The Seller commits to inform as soon as possible the Customer by email if one or more product(s) is/are not in stock.

1.F: The Seller does its very best to show the products for sale with real and fair images. However products might have small differences (eg: light colour tone differences)

1.G: All items by Fashion Details are new and authentic. Only vintage items, due to their particular characteristics, might be occasionally used. Fashion Details will clearly specify in the description if the item is used.


2.A: The contract stipulated between the Seller and the Customer must be read and fully understood. This acceptance of all Sales Conditions by Customer is deemed as tacit. The order is confirmed only after Seller written acceptance, which might also be partial.

2.B: The Customer, once the on-line purchasing procedure is concluded, must print and/or save the present sales general conditions

2.C: The input of false and/or invented personal data in the data collection forms, necessary to the

processing of the order, is strictly forbidden. Furthermore, the input of data pertaining to third parties or for performing multiple registrations relative to a single Customer, is also forbidden. The Seller reserves the right to institute legal proceedings for any violation and abuse.

2.D: The Customer commits to check that all purchased items comply to all laws and/or regulations of his/her country. Under any circumstance, the Seller is responsible in case item(s) bought violates, even partially, laws and/or regulations outside Italy.

2.E: The Customer commits to pay all amount due to the Seller within 3 days starting the moment the order has been placed.


3.A: The Seller will ship within 3 working days all order(s) to its Customers after having received payment. All orders will be shipped at the address specified by the Customer in the order. The Seller is not responsible in case the Customer provides a wrong and/or incomplete address. The products ordered will be shipped through the Italian Post Office, or trustworthy couriers and/or shippers.

3.B: The contract execution takes place upon consignment of the order by the Seller to the courier. Due to this reason, the Seller cannot be held responsible in case of missed or delayed delivery nor for total or partial damage suffered by the goods in question.

3.C: When placing the order, the Customer has the right to request insured shipment at an additional cost (at Customer’s expenses)

3.D: All Seller goods are stored in Italy and shipped from Italy. The Seller is not responsible for any import tax and/or duties. Import duties and/or fees are only Customer responsibility thus will be fully charged to the Customer.


4.A: In compliance to existing Laws, the Customer will have the right to withdraw from the purchasing contract for whatever reason, without the need to provide explanations and without any penalty being imposed. Full item cost will be fully refunded by the Seller. The Customer will not be refunded of any Shipment cost.

4.B: To exercise the withdraw right, the Customer will have to notify the Seller his wish to withdraw, within 30 working days from the date of the goods have been received. This right is reserved exclusively to natural persons, and to those Customers that purchase the goods for purposes not referable to and outside of their professional activity. The right of withdrawal is not envisaged for professional Customers and/or corporate bodies acting in a professional capacity in relation to the purchasing contract.

4.C: The Customer will have to inform the Seller his/her wish to withdraw from his/her purchase by written communication which will include order number and product(s) .

4.D: Full item price and orginal shipping will be fully refunded by the Seller. The shipping expenses to return back the products, are entirely for the Consumer’s account.

4.E: The Customer commits to ship back at his/her risk the withdrawn item(s).The goods, until certification of reception at the Seller’s warehouse has been provided, will continue to be the complete responsibility of the Consumer.

4.F: To benefit of the right of withdrawal the Customer commits:

- to ship back all item(s) in their original conditions

- to ship back all label(s) and/or holograms of authenticity

- to ship back the original wrapping(s) in the original conditions

- NOT to wash and/or use and/or damage item(s)

In case even one of the above mentioned conditions is not fully respected the Customer loses totally the right of withdrawal.

5.G: In case all conditions are not met, the Customers loses his/her right to withdraw and will not have right to get refund.



5.A: All prices shown on the website are final. All what is not mentioned in the product description is not for sale.

5.B: All prices are final and irrevocable.

5.C: All prices can change day by day.

5.D: For orders of multiple items, the Seller can offer the Customer to combine shipment to save costs.


6.A: The Customer is the only responsible if the Seller issues wrong fiscal documentation due to wrong and/or not complite and/or not true data provided by Customer before making the order.

6.B: The Seller is not responsible of how the Customer will use the product(s) bough.

6.C: The Seller is not responsible of any damage and/or loss, occurred for whatever reason, suffered by Customer consequent to the use, proper or not-proper, of the products bought

6.D: In nessun caso il Venditore sarà ritenuto responsabile per mancati guadagni dovuti all'impossibilità di utilizzare i prodotti acquistati.

6.E: The Supplier will not be held responsible for inefficiencies attributable to causes of force majeure and/or for fortuitous instances such as incidents, thefts and/or robberies involving the courier entrusted with the shipment, fires, explosions, strikes and/or shut-downs, earthquakes, floods and other similar events that might make impossible, totally or partially, the fulfilling of orders within the timing and modalities agreed upon at the stipulation of the contract.


1.A: Customers can pay order(s) issued to the Seller by:

* PAYPAL: Paypal can be used by worldwide Customers

* CREDIT CARD: Credit card can be used through Paypal by any Customer worldwide

* BANK TRANSFER: Only Customers in the European Community can pay by bank transfer only if operating in euro currency; the Seller reserves the right to receive Customer ID before accepting bank transfer payment

* POSTEPAY TOP UP: Only Italian Customers can pay by Postepay top up


8.A: When order is confermed, Seller will send the Customer the order confirmation. The Seller reserves the right to cancel the transaction if one or more products are not available. If payment has been already made by Customer, the Seller will return full amount already paid without any penalty.

8.B: The Seller commits to inform (by email) quickly the Customer in case one or more items are sold out. If payment has been already made by Customer, the Seller will return full amount already paid without any penalty.


9.A: The Seller reserves the right to update this agreement. All eventual updates will be available afterwards and will be applied only to new orders.


10.A: Italian laws applies to all litigations.

10.B: In case of litigation and/or different interpretation of this agreement, the version in Italian language is predominant on all versions in all other languages

10.C: In case of litigation the competent court is Matera

10.D For an out-of-court settlement, EU Online Dispute Resolution  can be used. The service can be used just by consumers living in the EU  complaining about goods or services bought online from a trader established in the EU.

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