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What are "black diamonds" in costume jewelry?

In: Vintage in details Su: giovedì, luglio 23, 2020 Commento: 0 Colpire: 1674
They sparkle and shimmer with shades of noble gray colors. Who invented them and who made gray rhinestones popular?

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Gerry's costume jewelry: fun that costs little

In: Vintage in details Su: mercoledì, ottobre 10, 2018 Commento: 0 Colpire: 5948
Gerry's (USA) - company founded in the early 1950s in the United States. Note for the production of sympathetic costume jewelry in the shape of characters. In his creations Gerry's used enamelled and painted metal. Gerry's jewelry is sought after by collectors of animal-themed costume jewelry

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Sarah Coventry: identification giude

In: Vintage in details Su: martedì, febbraio 13, 2018 Commento: 0 Colpire: 13314
Sarah Coventry, founded in November 1949, is an American company that produced costume jewelery in different styles, from minimalist to elaborate designs in the Baroque style. Many pieces have been inspired by both nature and ethnic patterns. Among materials used for production there are metals, semi-precious and synthetic stones, plastics, high quality rhinestones of very original cuts and workmanship and artistic glass

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Trifari costume jewelry: 1950-1959

In: Vintage in details Su: lunedì, novembre 6, 2017 Commento: 0 Colpire: 19621
In the period 1950-1959, the company has such a lot of success that it is necessary to propose diversified styles. Alfred Philippe, ex-designer of Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels, succeeded in applying to the common costume jewelery the most renowned high jewelery techniques to create fascinating high-end fashion jewelery.

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American costume jewelry Trifari for collectors and fashionists

In: Vintage in details Su: martedì, dicembre 6, 2016 Commento: 0 Colpire: 13153
The Trifari costume jewelry is well made, beautiful, original and it is available thanks to the great quantity produced during their long history. Almost always the pieces from that famous brand are in perfect condition so they are valuable for vintage jewelry collection and also to add a special touch of the past to any retro outfits

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Ties, bow ties and ascot: introduction

In: Fashion stories Su: martedì, luglio 7, 2015 Commento: 0 Colpire: 8127
In spite of existing many variations, the most common and appreciated types of ties nowadays are ties, ascots, and bow ties

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How to take care of ties?

In: How to Su: domenica, luglio 5, 2015 Commento: 0 Colpire: 8064
If you are fortunate to have in your wardrobe a lot of beautiful ties, we invite you to treat them with care.
Here are some simple tips to keep the ties always perfect

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