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  • AJC

    AJC - American Jewelry Chain Co. (USA) -  was founded in 1927. It is well-known for the production of whimsical and Christmas theme brooches and earrings. In thier creations AJC used painted metal and rhinestones. The company ceased its activity in 1997.
  • Anson

    Anson (USA) - a company founded in 1938 by a Swedish immigrant Olof Anderson. It is well known for the production of men's costume jewelery since 1948. Cufflinks, tie bars, money holders, key rings and other items have been appreciated by elegant men. Anson fashion jewelery would be a value addition for any vintage collection.
  • Anuschka

    Anuschka (India, UK) is a company run by the family that produces exclusive hand painted leather accessories. The company was founded in 1988. Each of Anuschka product is handmade. Just quality materials like premium leather cowhide are being used in the manufacture of the bags, wallets, keyrings, smartphone cases and other accessories.

    Each piece is unique
    . It is rich in design, form and possibilities with fabulous patterns inspired tropical birds, fantastic flowers and fancy animals.
    Perfect for those who lack the colors and fairytales in everyday life.

  • Art93

    Art93 (Bulgaria) is a company that produces small leather goods (belts, key rings, gloves, etc.). "ART-93" products are made of high quality materials. The company has numerous certificates and awards: Gold Medal - Plovdiv International Fair; "Silver Lion" - Made in Bulgaria, 1998; First place medal - "Choose the Bulgarian" in 2003 and many more.
  • Belstaff

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  • Bikkembergs

    Bikkembergs (Belgium) is a company that initially produced shoes for men.
    His founder, Dirk Bikkembergs, became famous in the early 1980s in the "Antwerp Six" group, which included other leading Belgian designers.
    In 1989 Bikkembergs debuted with a complete man collection, followed in 1993 by a collection of women's clothing.
    The brand became particularly popular in 2000 after launching the fashion line 'Dirk Bikkembergs Sport Couture'. He also designed clothing for the Inter soccer team.
    The "Bikkembergs" line is more elegant, the "Dirk Bikkembergs Sport Couture" is more sporty.
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